Your monetary donation of $30.00 to Longhurst.Com will provide you with one of the three Internet services below. These services can be given as gifts to other family members. To order, see directions at the bottom.

E-Mail Addresses allow you to assign a user name ("") to make it simple for others to remember your e-mail address. Each address can be set-up, either to forward your mail to another mailbox of your choice or, to have it collected and password protected on the Longhurst.Com server.

Autoresponders are another type of e-mail address which automatically send a pre-determined message to whoever sends a message to it. This is particularly useful for sending forms or other pertinent info to people. For example, we have set-up an autoresponder to e-mail an order form to you, so you can place an order for any of the services listed on this page. See instructions and example below.

World Wide Web Server Space is what you need to put web page files on the Longhurst.Com Web Site, for the world to see. You may establish a personal home page or an entire business web site on the Longhurst.Com server. This is especially useful for family businesses where the Longhurst name is used. To create your page(s) contact any web page/site designer for help, or try your hand at using the many HTML shareware tools available.

To make a donation to Longhurst.Com and receive one of the three Internet Services listed above, for yourself or someone else, obtain an order form via E-mail, fill it out and mail-in with your check.

To obtain an order form via e-mail, send a message with any content to or simply submit your Name and E-mail Address in the data field below.

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