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The Longhurst.Com Web Site has been programed and optimized to be viewed by Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you are not using one of these two browsers then you may have problems viewing the intended layout of this site. We recommend Netscape, but since both browsers are doing well at competing with each other in the Web Browser market we have provided links to both sites where you can download and try either or both.

Netscape Microsoft IE

Get Connected Via ICQ
ICQ (I seek you) is a quiet little utility which comes alive when you connect to the Internet. ICQ informs you of the current connection status of specific people on a contact list, and lets you communicate with them in several ways such as chat, instant messages, Web Phone, Net Meeting etc. just to name a few.

The ICQ program is free, and recommended to all who use this site. Once installed, ICQ gives you a special Web Page where others can go to leave a message, whether they have ICQ installed or not. This special Web page is called your "ICQ WebPager." Learn more about ICQ and join the masses who have discovered this privet and feature-rich utility. "It's as easy to use as looking out your window to see who's driving by your house."


Try ICQ's WebPager To Alert A User.
If you don't have ICQ installed yet, but wish send an instant message to an ICQ user, type their ICQ number below and go to thier WebPager page, where you can write them an instant message. Use the number provided below, to reach the Webmaster of this site. When the ICQ user logs on, or is currently online, your message flashes on their screen for immediate action.

ICQ Number

Tips and Tricks for optimizing Windows 95 are important to use if you want to get the best performance from the operating system. Here is a very reliable web site for helping you tweak the system beyond the standard defaults of the initial installation. Some things have to be reset again after running Setup. Most users don't know what they are, but this site can teach you.

ZDnet's Windows Superguide

Try Net Lingo to learn more about Internet Language. Do you know what "IP Address" means or what your current IP Address is? What about "DNS" or "POP" mail? Type these and other Internet usage words in the field below and the Internet could make a lot more sense.

Emoticans are those little side-ways faces :- ) used to express emotions in written text. You can't help but come across them sooner or later in a chat session or e-mail message. To help figure out what they mean here is a

List of Emoticans.

Get a clue via E-mail! You can have daily computer and Internet tips sent to your E-mail box from Tip World. You choose the catagory.

Supported by advertising, this free service is faithful at sending out their many tips, every business day. The easy subscription Web page will tempt you to bite off more than you can chew.

Current Overall Speed of The Internet
The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.