This application requires Java support.
This server also available via IRC at:

Sounds: Click a sound button for an appropriate responce or call.

To Chat: Click in the white field above, type your message text, then press ENTER.
Nickname: If your name was Bill, you could change the nickname by entering the following command "/nick Bill" without quotes. If your name has already been registered by someone else try putting your last name or a number with it. Use underscores "_" for spaces that are in your name.
Colored Text: Click one or two colors then enter your text to the right of the color codes. First color is text color, second color is backgrownd color.
Controls: Use to put chat box in sizable window. Use , to log off of session.
Private conversations: Double click a user's name. This will open a privet chat window between you and the other person.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC): We are on IRC channel #webchat which allows users of IRC client programs to join the action. For best connection try server at port 7000. Keep in mind that IRC users will have more options available to them which this web-page based module does not support. You can download a Win95 copy of the popular mIRC program or other IRC client from TUCOWS to be able to have even more fun. Use the help files which come with the software to learn about using the IRC network and the powerful options of the program. The rules in the #webchat channel (chat room) are these: NO FOUL LANGUAGE, NO SEXUAL / RACIAL COMMENTS OR CONVERSATIONS, NO FLOODING. IRC users know what flooding is.