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This is the place to download the GEDCOM files of William Henry Longhurst and Ann Preston. If you intend to download these files using your Netscape or IE web browser program, please note that the file may display as a web page, in your browser window. If this happens to it is because your browser is set to automatically display text files with the .ged file extension. GEDCOM files are 100% text files with no HTML code in them. You can click on the File menu of your browser and choose "Save As" to save the text file, if you end up seeing it in your browser window.

Download the William Henry Longhurst GEDCOM file here

Download the Ann Preston Longhurst GEDCOM file here

If you are familiar with the use of Zipped files, you can download both GEDCOM files from the link below. Zipped files are a standard way to store a group of files in one single, compressed file. It saves storage space, download time, and the hassle of organizing. This zipped file will require the use of a zip utility to allow you to extract the GEDCOM files within.

Download both GEDCOM files zipped together.