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To all potential
Family Directory Editors

Composed: 24 February 1998

Dear Family,
We must train people before turning them loose to edit the family directory. The training process is still being worked on in the form of web pages and will take time before completion, but until then, here are the basic steps we are using to get people lined up to edit.

Go to:

1. Read and study the Directory Orientation page which shows the elements of the directory's "Tree View."

2. Register as a user of the directory and upon receiving your access codes, start at the top of the directory (William Henry Longhurst) and navigate around to explore what has already been added to the directory.

3. E-mail me to schedule a time to either call me, or chat with me on an evening you have available. I will confirm the time in an e-mail reply.

My e-mail is :
Phone number is : 360-573-1214 (your nickel)
ICQ number is : 1627905

4. I will set you up as an editor and take you through a Basic Training course, teaching you how to create and edit several practice entries, in the practice area. You will complete a study guide, so I can test your knowledge and understanding of the directory functions.

5. After you pass the Basic Training course you will start your own data entry sessions and schedule another time with me so I can review your work after two or three families have been entered, then I will turn you loose in the directory to do some responsible data entry for the family.

6. You will need to learn to use the Bulletin Board (BB) as a public forum to report your editing work and meet with other editors for help and support. This will be very important for continued education as enhancements and changes are made to the directory program. A separate registration is required by the BB for adding messages in a forum. Please get involved using the forum to stay current with the editing action.

7. Be prepared to update the records of individuals that you enter in, as changes to the directory require and as directory users make you aware of needed information. Your e-mail address will accompany each entry you make to identify you and allow users to get a hold of you for updates. Promptness is important.

8. Your participation in this on-going event will reward you with a great deal of satisfaction and you will learn the value of keeping the family directory up-to-date. After a time with this responsibility, you will be able to identify other family members at least 18 years old, who are capable of helping you out by taking one or more family lines. Keep in mind, you will be their resource for guidance and tutoring as they learn this process. As an official editor of this family directory, you will be called on to walk your student through these same steps and submit their name to be enlisted at the proper time.


The family is the most precious thing in the world. Should we not nurture it to give it strength and let it bring us joy in both this life and the next?

David J Longhurst

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