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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Longhurst.Com an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

A: No. An ISP sells dial-up subscriptions to access the Internet. The Longhurst.Com site is an official Domain Name Web Site which can provide nearly everything else but dial-up accounts. See the Donations page to view a list of Internet Services this site can provide.

Q: Why are pages of Longhurst.Com limited to about two thirds the width of my screen?

A: Most professionally designed sites format their pages to a standard of 640 pixels wide to accommodate the majority of computer users who use the default resolution of 640 wide X 480 heigh. If your screen resolution is set at 800 X 600, or 1024 X 768, you are able to use more of your screen area because everything is reduced in size. This makes the width of professional web pages smaller on your screen, leaving you the extra area to display other programs simultaneously. If the extra space is a bother, then resize your browser window to the appropriate width to get what you paid for when you purchased your high resolution monitor, or use the default resolution of 640 X 480. In short, you have the option to size down, but there are those who can not size up to match a high resolution formatted page, thus would be forced to always scroll pages horizontally.