November 19, 1998
Although today's change provides very little to look at on the web site, you will notice a significant change in the email announcements for the family. We have combined all email lists into one, yet shortened what you get in your mailbox. Sound interesting? Well, if you were subscribed to any of the Longhurst related lists, you are subscribed to the new list. If not, then visit the Free Email page and subscribe to the new Weekly Longhurst Report. This new report provides many short summaries of the content found here at the web site. It's a better way to keep everyone informed and it provides a choice of stories and reports we can read more information about, by following the attached links.

September 15, 1998
Thanks to Valden Longhurst, users can browse the family's current PAF file to trace their genealogy roots. See the PAF View pages and discover how you are related to William Henry Longhurst.

September 2, 1998
You will notice a new page banner for Longhurst.Com to include easy access to both the Free Email page and the Bulletin Board page. This will allow any visitor to find and participate in these important communication mediums. Be sure to register your email address to receive our email announcements. You are also encouraged to make use of our Bulletin Board, not only for reading messages but for posting them as well. Great fun can be had by all when you contribute your thoughts and ideas on the Bulletin Board.

September 1, 1998
Our first year anniversary took place online, here in the Fun Chat room. Longhursts and relatives from around the world dropped by to say "Hi" and to get to know us better. The event spanned a 48 hour period of time, as the celebration date of September 1st was in effect someplace on the globe during that time. New ideas were discussed, lots of joking around took place, and our web site exposure increased dramatically. A fun time was had by all. The Fun Chat page has been updated with better instructions for it's use, and a standard chat schedule has been posted for suggested meeting times around the world.

August 25, 1998
New colors have been given to the entire web site. Text is easier to read and the over all appearance is brighter and uplifting.

July 20, 1998
Email is an essential method of communication to stay informed of events in the Longhurst Organization and on Longhurst.Com. A new page where visitors can subscribe to a number of different email lists is now available. The page will ack as a constant location where you may subscribe, update a subscription, or un-subscribe your email address at any time. Watch for a new button called Free Email.

March 5, 1998
Now you can check the New Bulletin Board for messages each time you visit We're sure you'll find this new feature useful to keep up on the latest info about specific areas of this website and the Longhurst Family Organization. Register to post your two cents worth and find out how fun and informative the BB is. Meet cousins, share anything you wish. This is one of the most popular forms of socializing on the Internet, and now we have our own place to hang out. You will find a link to the BB on the green banner of all pages of

January 20, 1998
We've added a Directory Orientation page to help users learn how to use the Family Directory. This page links from the Directory Introduction page and explains what's what on the many Tree View pages in the directory.

January 15, 1998
The Longhurst.Com Family Directory is officially in operation. To see it's hidden treasures just fill out the User Agreement Form in the Directory Registration and receive your own access codes via E-mail. Now the fun begins to enter family information and watch the family tree grow. To become a directory Editor, go to the Contribute section to learn the ropes.

January 14, 1998
See your current IP Address linked from the Help Page, now the link leads to a page right here on Longhurst.Com, where you can choose to E-mail it to others within seconds.

November 14, 1997
We have linked the Longhurst Family Organization's Quarterly Newsletter to the Front Page for easy access in it's own little window.

November 7, 1997
Added to the Fun Links page is a link that's sure to be a hit for most Mormons. Look for the LDS Links by an entity on the Web called "MTC Cookies." Their links are quite a find, and their cookies are yummy too.

October 14, 1997
"Tips & Tricks for optimizing Windows 95" is a new link added to the Help area. It's a must for Windows 95 users experiencing slow running operating system.

October 10, 1997
Minor upgrade to the Chit-Chat page now includes the ability to "float" the java chat module. Invite someone to chat with you and give it a try.

September 15, 1997
Updated Help area with links to helpful Internet information. Also added a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

September 7, 1997
Updated Fun Stuff area with new fun links and an area for viewing Slide Shows manually or automatically. Check out the beautiful LDS Temples etc.

September 5, 1997
The addition of our Visitor Sign-In area where all visitors are encouraged to record their name each time they visit the site.

September 1, 1997
Longhurst.Com Site celebrates grand opening! Family members and friends start checking out the cool stuff. Donations keep coming in as Longhurst family members stake their claims for an easy-to-remember e-mail address and web space for a personal or business home page.

July 5, 1997
Official announcement of the creation of the Longhurst.Com Web Site. This took place in Magna, UT, at the Warren Longhurst Family Reunion, held every other year.

ly Reunion, held every other year.